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Il Consorzio Export Genova

 Consorzio Export Genova was created in 1990 with the support of the Artisans Association of Genoa and on the initiative of some companies from Liguria which felt the need to get together to cooperate and cut the expenses regarding a stronger penetration in the foreign markets. It is formed by Italian companies, from different fields and regions, marketing their products in Italy and abroad, with the support of the Ministry for International Commerce. 

The Consorzio stands out for the quick and simple management of its internal organization and for the services it offers to its associates.   

Together, we look for modern and convenient tools to have a better communication and organization of the commercial activities for the export.  

The synergy among the associates during the participation in International fairs or particularly relevant events opens the way to new possibilities of increasing their presence and their knowledge in the International market. 

The use of shared marketing strategies and the contact among the associates gives us the chance to have an up-to-date vision of the market and its opportunities.

From handcraft to fashion, from art to typical products, all kind of activity is welcome.

Joining the Consorzio has many advantages such as having more analysis and marketing tools and benefiting from the current most modern methods of commerce.

You are welcome to meet our associates for a new opportunity of commercial contact. 

In more than 15 years of activity, the Consorzio strengthened and found for its associates the services "business to business" and "business to consumer" best fitting for the launching of their company on foreign markets. 


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